Friday, February 12, 2010

We need Volunteers! Can you help?

The list below has the dates and times of shifts with vacancies. The final column is the number of volunteers needed to fully staff the shift. Any help you can lend would be appreciated. E-mail if you are available.

13-Feb 12:30p-3:45p BoxOffice 1
13-Feb 10:15p-close Operations 2
14-Feb 6:15p-9:30p Operations 5
14-Feb 9p-close Operations 2
15-Feb noon-3:30p Operations 1
17-Feb 9a-1p Lounge 1
18-Feb 1:30p-3:45p Operations 1
19-Feb 1:30p-5p BoxOffice 1
21-Feb 9:30a-12:30p Operations 1
22-Feb noon-4p Lounge 4

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