Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Panel Wrap-Up

The big question: Is realism the truth?

Today's discussion focusing on the art of documentary film welcomed seven panelists whose films ranged from the debated "art doc" to more formulaic pieces and features by amateurs to works about "cultural collision."
Michael Murphy of the Media Arts Department at the University moderated and talked about proper venues for these documentaries and the emotional/physical processes of creating a film in this genre.

  • How do you get at the truth in your filmmaking process?
  • How much of your own tone, interpretation and subject-to-director interaction goes into that process?
  • How truly objective can a documentary be?
  • How many varieties of documentary film are there within the genre? ie Post-modern, avant garde, fly-on-the-wall, directorial inclusion, etc.

Wednesday's panel at 2pm focuses on short-form documentary and is hosted by Doug Whyte at the Crystal Theatre.

Photo by Cathrine Walters

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