Sunday, February 15, 2009

Know Your Ron Mann

Ron Mann's Favorite Beer: Guinness

Ron Mann's Favorite Silent Film: The General

Ron Mann's Favorite Bald Man: His former sound man who intimidated Bukowski

Ron Mann's Favorite City: Tie between Missoula and Barcelona, Spain

Ron Mann's Favorite Essayist: Chuck Klosterman

Ron Mann's Favorite Magazine: "Stop Smiling" out of L.A.

The best (and only) conversation Ron Mann's had with Michael Moore: MM said to RM, "3rd Floor Please."

What Ron Mann likes:
Kombucha and yoga. Lapel buttons from Berlin. Pilsner beer, loves 1960's music and Big Sky Film Festival

The scoop on Ron Mann:
The Canadian filmmaker has been working for over 25 years in the documentary field and has collaborated with people like Chubby Checker (Twist), Pete Townsend, John Goodman (Ran Fink), Woody Harrelson (Go Further) and Jim Jarmusch (Know Your Mushrooms).

Ron Mann's Problem:
"The problem with editing is that there's no end. You either run out of money or run out of energy, and I certainly run out of both."

But with a collection of 10 ("I don't know, though, I've sorta lost count") feature-length films, several shorts and some music videos, he apparently hasn't run out of either.

And why has he chosen documentary filmmaking?
"Why am I doing this? No one really asked me to do this...but I feel a responsibility to history. And I know I'm doing the right thing."

Mann recently finished his retrospective at Big Sky, lives in Toronto and once lived on a commune.

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