Saturday, February 18, 2012

Plympton’s Dogma

The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival is thrilled to welcome internationally-renowned independent animator/illustrator Bill Plympton as a 2012 visiting artist. Twice nominated for both Academy awards and the Cannes Palme D'Or, Mr. Plympton has won or been nominated for far too many prizes to count throughout his near five-decade-long career.

A prolific artist, Mr. Plympton is the only person known to have illustrated every frame of a feature-length animation. He says of his 12 hour plus days spent drawing in his New York City studio, "it's very satisfying, my hand never gets tired."

Mr. Plympton became famous for rejecting a million-dollar offer to animate for Disney and remains the genius independent, “making films the way I like to make them without bending to the Hollywood machine.” He's here at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival to show us how being an independent animator can be done.

The UM Media Arts department will sponsor a screening of many of Mr. Plympton's short films including such favorites as How To Kiss, 25 Ways To Quit Smoking, and Santa: The Fascist Years, this Sunday, Feb. 19th at 7:30 pm at the Wilma, and Mr. Plympton promises to unveil what he calls “Plympton's Dogma,” a three step formula for success as an independent animator. He will be drawing at the theater, sharing his secrets of good design and how to sell it. Every audience member will go home with a free signed Plympton sketch to keep!

Alexia Anastasio's award-winning documentary about the life and career of Mr. Plympton, Adventures in Plymptoons, will screen this Monday, Feb. 20th 3:30 pm at the Crystal Theater with Mr. Plympton again in attendance. Adventures in Plymptoons sheds light on Mr. Plympton’s work and its reception via interviews with friends, collaborators, family, and critics. Mr. Plympton will also screen previously unseen clips from his newest feature, Cheatin, and a television pilot, Tiffany. His established films will be available for purchase at both events. Don’t miss this chance to meet a legend in animation!

Visit Mr. Plymptons website to learn more:

-Plymptoons, or, the Slightly-Non-Fiction-Ish-Somewhat-Doc-Like-How-To-Films Of Bill Plympton Sunday February 19th 7:30 pm the Wilma

-Adventures in Plymptoons! Monday February 20th 3:30 PM at the Crystal Theater 515 S. Higgins Avenue

Article by BSDFF Promo Team writer Cecile Berberat