Friday, February 24, 2012

Welch in the Blood

Ask a Missoulian to list their favorite authors. Then ask a writer to name their favorites. Now ask a writer in Missoula. James Welch’s name will appear on each of these lists. And for good reason. The late Mr. Welch’s written works have helped define what it means to be Montanan, Blackfoot, an outsider, an adolescent, down and out, and drunk. His books and poems describe the most universal of human experiences, death, isolation, and desperation, all with the darkest and most endearing humor. There’s no one you’d rather sit with at the bar.

It’s no surprise then that the upcoming film adaptation of his first novel, Winter in the Blood (1974) is awaited with great anticipation by filmmakers, writers, and audiences alike. Montana film heroes, Andrew and Alex Smith, whose previous feature, The Slaughter Rule, garnered critical acclaim and awards in 2002 spent this past year filming on the Montana Hi-Line. They and their crew are now in post-production.

The excitement and energy surrounding this project serve to enliven the literary and visual arts communities of Missoula and the wider state. More importantly, it inspires our population of young artists in discovery and offers an opportunity for youth to get involved.

The short documentary by Tracy Rector and Lou Karsen, "Visionary Insight: Behind the Scenes of the Film Winter in the Blood," follows eight American Indian interns who took part on the Brothers Smith’s movie set. Also screening at this event is the official trailer for the upcoming feature film.

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"Visionary Insight: Behind the Scenes of the Film Winter in the Blood" screens Saturday, February 25 at 5:15 PM in Wilma 1.

Article by BSDFF Promo Team writer Cecile Berberat